Circle of Promise

Circle of Promise is a free educational outreach program for faith-based organizations in Central Georgia designed to educate your congregation about breast health and breast cancer.  Collectively, initiatives under Circle of Promise seek to motivate and empower the black community by mobilizing women and men to get active about their breast health and involved in the larger community, encouraging others to do the same.

Although breast cancer continues to impact people from all backgrounds, there are significant differences within the mortality rates among racial groups. Did you know that…

  • Breast cancer is the most common cancer among African American women.
  • Breast cancer is the second most common cause of cancer death among African American women, exceeded only by lung cancer.
  • Although African American women are diagnosed with breast cancer less often than white women, the mortality (death) rate is higher.
  • African American women tend to have factors that influence a poorer prognosis such as later stage diagnosis, biologic and genetic differences in tumors, and barriers to health care access among others.

Check out some of the specific Racial and Ethnic Differences.

So what can YOU do?

We would like to invite you to join this initiative by inviting one member from your congregation to be a Circle of Promise Ambassador. Our ambassadors will serve as leaders in the local fight against breast cancer. We will empower them with the information and tools they need to serve their community by providing a planning toolkit, one-on-one training, as well as free updated breast health information packets. Each ambassador will be encouraged to celebrate survivors in their community by hosting a special luncheon, encouraging the congregation to wear pink, or inviting survivors to speak about their experience with the disease.

Please consider joining us to help open the lines of communication about breast health, promote breast cancer education and celebrate the lives of those who have fought against breast cancer.

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